Our top 5 Ways To Staying Organized

With fall approaching it’s a new start for many. You could be going back to school, starting a new job, or just deciding to come on top with all of you ideas, projects, and assignments. There is no better time than now to reorganize and get your life together. Here are some of your favorite habits to reorganize and stay organized.

Color coordinate:

Get everything that you need to organize together and lay it out in front of you. You may be overwhelmed at first but t will help you see everything all at once. Then start dividing it all up. Put like things together and try to create about 5-7 groups. From here color is key. Have each color represent one group and the importance level of each. Get sticky notes, folders, pens, and highlighters In these colors. It makes it easy when you’re looking for that certain group.

Get a Daily Planner:

This may sound old school to ha e a physical planner but having a secondary physical item will help. Some say you remember better when you write it down. Write down deadlines, dates, times appointments and everything to help keep yourself organized. Even use your color highlighters!

Designate Certain Times each Day:

Life can get in the way sometimes and we just fall apart. Designate certain times throughout the day for all your side work that isn’t important. Emails, phones calls, and even quick social media breaks. This will help you on top of your day and keep motivation high. Try to keep food and snack break at the same time each day too.

Keep an organized bag:

Have all your times that you need for the day and keep them in their own areas. Sometimes this means having smaller bags within your bags. A punch for cords, a punch or pens and highlighters, your laptop or tablet, a cell phone area, key holder, and anything else you bring daily. If each stem has a place you won’t forget it.

Keep your Work Space Clear:

Just like your bag, everything on your desk needs to have a place and it needs to be done neatly. This means that your cords are not in a jumbled mess, your to-do papers are all organized all in one area with the most important and time-sensitive at the top, keeping notes and your planner ready at hand to keep yourself in top of your duties and keeping your cell phone and web- browsing to a minimum  A clean desk will help you feel less overwhelmed and more put together.

Feel free to implement your own organizational skills and adapt this list to your own liking. You won’t regret taking the time to do this. You will feel more relaxed in your work environment even if it is a hectic day because there will be no excess clutter and you will feel ready to take on the day with all of your necessities int he right place. It’s time to get out of vacay-mode and get back to it. You got this!


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